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First of all, PETS ARE PEOPLE TOO!  They have feelings and families just like humans. We have also seen examples of mother's caring and protecting their children. They need to eat, drink, exercise and sleep just like us. Animals make people happy, joyous, feel loved and vice versa. They create a bond that is special, soul satisfaction and forever lasting. They bring hope and comfort to people with problems like the homeless, the elderly and sick children and adults after crucial surgeries and with terminal illnesses. These are a few reasons to give what we can whether it be a few cents, supplies, volunteering, a loving home and hope for these magnificent creatures. Mine have brought nothing less than joy, love, care, laughter, chit chat and smiles. I am sure there are many other reasons but these are to name a few of the most important.

   I would love to bring your feline or canine friend to life on canvas. . You can have your own painted, a friend’s or family member’s for a gift they will treasure forever. I work on commission and would need

several good photos to work from. I have done several and all clients have have been proud owns of the fiinal outcome.

I will deliver locally.

Please note, click on image and by clicking the lower left arrow, another version will be shown as well as

the option to enlarge the art. 

   1.   Chloe  11 x 14   NFS

3.   Cat Style Example 1  10 x 10   by commission

5.   Cat Style Example 2 12 x 16  by commission

7.   Lily  8 x 10  $150  ON SALE $75

9.   Ben 12 x 16  NFS

 2.    Koko  12 x 16  Gift

4.   Max  8 x 10   $125   ON SALE $75


8..   Cat Style Example 3  12 x 16  by commission

11.   Chloe  11 x 14  $100

10.   Prince 12 x 16  $225

10.   Russian Blue 12 x 16  $225  ON SALE $175

12.   Gunner  18 x 24  Commission

13.   Lula  12 x 16  Commission

               15.   Charlie  8 x 10  Gift

6.   Sammy  8 x 10   NFS

               16.   Benny 12 x 16  Acrylic  $85

               17.   Rocky 12 x 16  Acrylic  $75

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