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  My bird series was inspired by my fascination for them.  I love their graceful flight, their amazing persistence, their survival instincts and abilities, and their intelligence.

This series has been rendered in a way that suits the art piece itself.  Many of these paintings are done in mixed media which I use in most of my art.  Mixed media has become my signature style of painting.  By using different elements to enhance each piece, an interesting rhythm is created in the composition and to draw the audience in, my goal, and to become completely engaged. My new series, “Cardinals”, as shown in this piece “Rockin' Red Wing 2”, will also be done in my mixed media technique. 

  All paintings are available for purchase. Please complete the contact page for information and for purchase prices. .  Commissioned art works are also available upon request.


           Solitude 24 x 30 Mixed Media   $400 ON SALE $200

     Flight 16 x 20 Mixed Media   $295 ON SALE $100

        Crow's Next Stop16 x 20 Mixed Media AWARD  $300 framed

          Rockin' Red Wing 2  12 x 12 Mixed Media SOLD

                    Desert Blue 12 x 12 Mixed Media $100 SOLD

               Wading 16x 36 Mixed Media  $500 Private Collection

                    Laughing Gull 12 x 12 Mixed Media SOLD

           Contemplation 18 x 24 Mixed Media   $400 SALE $200

    Wading By The River 13 x 17 Mixed Media  $175 SOLD

King Of  The Marsh  9 x 12   $125  SOLD

     Free As A Bird  18 x 24 Mixed Media AWARD  $325

    White Winged Dove 16 x 20 Mixed Media $325  SOLD

Snowy Owl 8 x 10 Mixed Media  SOLD

Northern Pygmy Owl 8 x 10 Mixed Media  $125

Western Barn Owl 8 x 10 Mixed Media  $125. SOLD

Western Barn Owl 8 x 10 Mixed Media  SOLD  

Northern Hawk Owl 8 x 10 Mixed Media  $175

Bye Bye Blackbird  24 x 30 Mixed Media  $375

   Morning Catch 8 x 10 Mixed Media  SOLD

          Rockin' Red Wing 1  12 x 12 Mixed Media SOLD

Barred Owl 12 x 12 Mixed Media  Private Collection

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