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About cyndi

Most of her career life has been in the Graphic Design and  Advertising industry; ranging from design studios, advertising agencies and TV broadcast networks. She painted at a young age for fun, meditation and gratification, and did not return to fine art until 2015. Her design influence has impacted her art and subject matter using color, lines, shapes, textures and text. Design provided a strong foundation for her non-objective work. Each form, a sense of continuity in constructing the overall engaging and balanced composition. The intersecting crossovers and adjoining elements captivate the viewers observation and curiosity. She considers her work intuitive and allowing it to evolve impulsively.

My representational work  is derived from photos and some are changed compositionally to make the image more interesting.

I enjoy working in different styles and categories while learning techniques and color capabilities.

Early on in her design career she received numerous local and state Addy awards; along with major paper companies for collateral design pieces. She has won several group exhibit awards with the Society Of Mixed Media Artists and the Art Guild of Orange Park.

She has her paintings hanging at the Butterfield Garage Gallery

in St. Augustine, FemArt Gallery in Riversside and Trends in San Marco.

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