Contemplation 18 x 24 Mixed Media  $375

Bye Bye Blackbird 24 x 30 Mixed Media AWARD  $450 

     Blackbird's Junction 18 x 24 Mixed Media  $275 SOLD

        Crow's Next Stop16 x 20 Mixed Media AWAR$425

 Free As A Bird 18 x 24 Mixed Media AWARD  $375

          Rockin' Red Wing 2  12 x 12 Mixed Media SOLD

                  Seagull 12 x 12 Mixed Media  $50  SOLD

                    Paths 18 x 24 Mixed Media  $225 SOLD

                    Desert Blue 12 x 12 Mixed Media $75

                    Pied Kingfisher 12 x 12 Mixed Media  $50. SOLD

                    Laughing Gull 12 x 12 Mixed Media. $100 SOLD

                   Wading16 x 40 Acrylic SOLD

                   Wading16 x 36 Acrylic  $400

    Various birds have been painted inspired by my fascination for them, their graceful flight and persistence of their survival and intelligence.

They are rendered in a way that suites the art piece itself. Many of them are Mixed Media which weighs heavy with my style of painting. Using different elements to enhance the piece makes it attain an interesting composition and pulls together a 'rhythm' for the audience to get completely engaged. I am currently working on a series of cardinals like above Rockin' Red Wing 2.

    All of my paintings are available for purchase. Fill out the contact page and will be glad to give you the price. I also do commissions upon request.

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